The branding workshop that spurs growth

Co-Lab Discovery Branding Workshop

Co-lab is an in-depth collaborative branding workshop we have designed to uncover the key insights you need to build a sustainable value-driven brand.

Our experience working with different kinds of teams has taught us the tried and tested methods that lead to sustainable brand growth in the ever shifting brandscape. This 2-session workshop is your first step to meaningful engagement with and building value for your consumers.

Outcomes of the workshop

  • Uncover key insights to inform your branding, web, content, product or marketing strategies.
  • Identify your core opportunities for growth and craft clear, actionable goals and steps towards them.
  • Begin cultivating an attitude of curiosity around your brand and your users that will give you a competitive edge in the market.
  • Learn to navigate the ambiguity of branding and product development with confidence by having the right collaborative toolkit and skills to grow in an ever shifting brandscape.

The workshop covers

  • Brand Vision and Essence
  • Brand Values and Core Beliefs
  • Look and Feel/Brand Personality
  • Target Market Mapping
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Brand Positioning
  • Experience/Journey Mapping

This workshop is for you if

You are a brand owner with a vision of building a sustainable value-driven brand

You care about your users and want to provide a meaningful experience for them

You want to uncover insights to make the most of your branding efforts and assets; visual identity, website, social media

You like a collaborative approach to design and want to be involved in the process rather than simply hand-off requirements to creatives

Your brand lacks cohesiveness but you cannot pin down what your weak points or strengths truly are

You have tried the same things over and over and have not seen results

Let's Co-Laborate

Let's Co-Laborate

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