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The Fields Church Website Design

We redesigned The Fields’ website and refreshed aspects of their branding in the Spring of 2023 with a focus on representing the life and mission of the church, the unique brand personality and creating a culturally relevant and relatable look, feel and experience.

The Fields is a church in Carlsbad, CA on a mission to see God grow people into passionate followers of Jesus. The key attributes of the brand personality that we focused on were; authentic, relational, joyful, light and about God’s glory.

We kicked off the project with a 2-session brand discovery workshop that involved the whole team and we dug into aspects of the brand vision, mission and core values. We were able to refresh and pin down the brand personality and map out the desired user experience for the website and prioritize our goals. These insights shaped the design direction and decisions.

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The UX goal was to give both existing users and new visitors a clear and intuitive path to engage with relevant and meaningful content, and funnels to nurture their goals when visiting the website.

Thoughtful patterns such as a clean and airy layout, carefully selected typography, helpful interaction components and built-in funnels to nurture leads organically helped us achieve this goal.

The UX strategy further involved making consideration for performance, speed and SEO without compromising a bold and up-to-date visual design of the website.

We refreshed some elements of the branding and designed communication graphics, marketing items, and social media content as we began to craft a content strategy that focused on sharing the life of the church on various platforms.

The Fields Candle Design

It was also really cool to be involved in some of the creative ways to build connection and engagement with the community e.g. thoughtful gift items such as candles which we designed the labels and message for.

One of the things I enjoyed the most as with all of my projects, was steering the design direction to capture my client’s vision, balancing client and user needs, and maintaining the integrity of the technical performance of the website, while meeting project timelines and expectations.

As with many projects that involve busy decision makers and entrepreneurs, there was an on going need to keep communication flowing, adapt to change, stay flexible, yet committed to delivering a satisfactory end result. 

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