Shaping the future of holistic health and wellness for the everyday consumer



To grow a health brand that introduces more people to the real issues that are driving chronic illness and sub-optimal health in our modern world, and create a community and products that tackle these.


A holistic branding experience, from an identity system and interactive web experience, to product ideation and development.


  • Product ideation and conceptualization
  • Market and user research
  • Brand identity
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social media marketing
  • Packaging Design

Rethinking our approach to health and healing

Healing For Good is a health tech start up on a mission to make owning our health and reversing chronic illness accessible and possible through thoughtfully created products that change our everyday habits. They leverage technology, community and product development to address the growing epidemic of chronic illness and disease that affects 1 in 5 women in the world.

Healing For Good partnered with Big Little Fish to design a cohesive and consistent brand identity, website and marketing material that would create the experience around the brand and its products.

At the heart, Healing for Good invites curiosity about how modern living, habits, consumption and broken medicine models have paved the way for chronic illness, and offers solutions to taking a better approach and reversing the mess. They bring to attention the real issues driving the epidemic of chronic illness, equip consumers to identify these through a personalized journey, and thoughtfully created products that tackle core issues affecting health.

A brand identity that creates a culture

We set out to gather inspiration that would shape a bold, vibrant and authentic and identity and embody the shared values of both the co-founders and the target consumer across various media.

Inspiration came from the brand’s core values as well as the socio-cultural dynamics and behavior that shape the health conscious consumer’s world today and drive consumer patterns; perceptions of self, norms, shared aesthetic and subtle shifts in industry trends and health/wellness culture played a big role in our design decisions.

We opted for fun color palettes with pastel tones, bold and expressive typography, playful logos, and a playful take on photography. The brand is welcomed to take up space in the daily life of its consumers and creates culture and conversation by embodying the shared values. 

The end result is an inclusive brand that touches the heart of WHY we all want to be healthy, what we are going to do about it, and how we express ourselves and experience our lives from a place of health and healing; happy, free and bold.

Starting with Skin in the Game

One of the easiest ways to make healthier choices is to rethink what we consume; and one of the things we consume daily is skincare. Healing For Good starts off on the right foot with a sustainable, toxin-free skincare line. Good Skin Food embodies Healing For Good’s brand values through an exciting line of products conveniently delivered to the user in a monthly subscription box.

Every day countless women, men and children are exposed to over 5000 harmful toxins through skincare products that wreak havoc on long-term health. Good Skin Food offers a solution. Changing our most basic consumption habits begins to shift us towards healthier and more sustainable mindsets that directly impact our overall health.

We sought inspiration for the sub-brand identity in the same core values of Healing For Good, and built on the visual language that had been established. All the while paying attention to how Good Skin Food fit into the bigger picture of the parent brand.

From brand naming, to extension of the identity and creation of marketing tools, campaigns and MVPs, we worked closely with the team to truly get this start-up off the ground.

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Toxin Free Skincare Face Oil
Toxin Free Face Cream

Digital Products that Create Healing

Healing For Good’s primary model is to advocate for health through the power of technology. As user habits change and shift, the team adopts a “test early, often and pivot” approach in response to user needs. Aiming to innovate and respond by creating both digital products and services that aid in the journey to better health, and actual products as well.

The first phase of this digital product development involves developing a web platform that avails curated and personalized resources to consumers in a monthly subscription. Future plans include growing to offer a podcast, and a rich resource library and membership service to their community.

Don’t Be Toxic!

We take our commitment to health seriously, and expose harmful products and practices that perpetuate sickness! Our consumer product line includes a subscription to natural, raw and real products sourced from the purest locations and highest quality to give you what you actually need to live a life of health and vitality both inside and out. We make this change possible by working hand in hand with …. to get you the best from the source. We have a dynamic and evolving product line that ….

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