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We founded Big Little Fish out of our love for thoughtful design, life and passionate entrepreneurs.

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7 proven and easy to use exercises/worksheets to get passionate entrepreneurs started on the branding journey. In our free workbook we give you limited access to our branding workshop resources which you can complete on your own.


The branding workshop that spurs growth

An in depth branding workshop that can be completed one-on-one, or in a group setting. We offer a 2-session workshop, OR a continual collaboration, co-piloting with you to grow your brand.

What you get

  • Access full workshop content
  • Guided facilitation
  • Uncover insights that inform your branding efforts
  • Craft clear strategic steps to move forward
  • Gain confidence in the future of your brand

We love turning challenges into solutions, growing all the plants, time in nature, great coffee, getting work done, doing nothing, staying happy.



Why I quit striving to be a successful designer

About 1 year ago I made the partly unwilling decision to take a break from my career as a product designer. Something I had resisted even through the hardest seasons of life. Partly because I could not imagine myself separate from my work, but also because I believed we could not afford it.

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